Wedding Photographer’s Session Preparation

According experts, even the greatest of wedding photographers get nervous before their session. One of the main reasons why they do it’s because every session is different from the other. As a customer, you expect your selected wedding photographer to do his or her best during the shooting session. Although there’s a lot of pressure being place to the photographer, he or she should live up to the expectation.


Here are the some of the things how photographers prepare for wedding photo session:

The very first thing to do among the list of preparations is the photographer should know what he or she is getting into. Shooting a wedding is a huge project and quite a demanding one. It is characterized with schedules, emotion and dealing with different people. The photographer should also understand that the wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the couple to snap well treasured photos.

The next thing to do is to know the couple’s expectations. As much as possible, the photographer should be able to sit with the couple and discuss their needs. Being honest is the key to a realistic or successful type of photography. The information that is gathered should be used as the springboard of how the service will be served.

During the interview, the photographer should bring samples of work. It is always easier to discuss things and concepts about photography if there are photo samples.  If you have an inspiration, please make sure to print the photos or cut them out from a bridal magazine.

One of the most forgotten or missed task is the preparation of a shot list. Every couple should have a shot list that will be followed by the photographer. Or, if the couple has not shot list, the photographer should be able to guide them to make one. Aside from the shot list, the photographer should also ask for the list of important people in the guest list. There are cases wherein the grandparents of the couple are not photographed. If you don’t want this to happen to your grandparents, please put them on the list.

Before everything will roll, the photographer should be able to set up a pre-shoot first. Ask the photographer to take photos before the wedding event starts. This is an important part of the package in order to gauge the quality of photos being produced by the photographer. If there are some changes, you can always discuss with them ahead.

As part of the process on how photographers prepare for wedding photo session, there is a need to always recheck or tripe-check the equipment. The spirit and the physical aspects of photography should not be missed. As much as possible, the photographer must have alternative equipments.

It is also reassuring to know if the photographer has assistant shooters that will cover some parts of the event. With second shooters at bay, the event will surely be covered in multitude of angles.