Houston, TX Wedding Venue Inquiries to Remember

Remembering Wedding Venue Inquiries

Wedding venue1Are you hunting now for the wedding halls in Houston of your event? If yes then you should not forget that you will become successful in getting the best venue if you ask necessary questions. Sometimes, couples fail to ask correct questions during the negotiation that is why they get terrible choices.

To help you find the perfect wedding venue in Houston, TX, here are some of the questions that will help you to have a smoother process:

(1) Is the venue available?

You cannot do anything if the venue did not fit well with your wedding date. If it is then proceed to the next details of Bell Tower on 34th. If not then you need to look for other alternatives.

(2) How many events will be held on that same day?

If you are concern about your wedding’s privacy, it is important that you have an idea how many weddings the venue will host in a day. If you don’t want people going around the place while the reception is going on, make sure that you secure a location that is more privy.

(3) Is there a difference in the rates when the wedding ceremony is held on weekdays and weekends?

If there is no difference then it is better to book your wedding on a weekend, like Saturday and Sunday. However, most rates are usually expensive during weekends so most couples book during weekdays especially evening.

(4) Is there a payment schedule?

This is an important question as you need to settle cash ahead. Most of the time, venues are being paid with 20% deposit during the booking period. The rest of the payment is settled right after the rest of the contract has been fulfilled.

(5) Will there be other hidden costs?

For you not to feel ripped off, make sure that you make it clear with the provider that all costs should reflect on the contract. Most of the time, these costs are the gratuity fee, service charge, overtime charges and cleaning fee.

Is there a cancellation policy?

In the event that you will back out and you already paid for the 20% deposit, make sure that you are clear with the cancellation policy. There are cases wherein some caterers do not return the deposit amount.

If there is one thing that you need to focus on during the onset of wedding planning, it is the wedding venue in Houston, TX. The rest of the details will adjust based on your wedding venue preference. If you want to avoid hefty charge, make sure to plan ahead, ask questions and read the contract.

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